Why am I prompted to select my The Bottle-O store at the start?

The Bottle-O stores are independently owned and operated. Each store has a unique selection of products based on your local needs. Product availability and pricing may vary from store to store. We ask you to select your local store at the start to ensure you browse available products in your local shop.

When you select your local store, the delivery zone that the store delivers to will be displayed so that you can quickly check if your chosen store delivers to your address.

Why is my local The Bottle-O store not available in the store list for me to select?

If you are unable to select your local The Bottle-O, this means that they may not yet be set up to accept or cater to orders for delivery or click & collect. All stores will be available via the "browse products" option through the The Bottle-O Online Shop website. Tell us if your local store isn’t available by using the Contact Us form and we’ll let them know.

What products can I buy on the The Bottle-O Online Shop website?

You will find pretty much everything you need on the The Bottle-O Online Shop website, including a wide range of liquor products including exclusive and unique products available only at your local The Bottle-O store.

How are products priced on the The Bottle-O Online Shop website compared to my local The Bottle-O store?

Products are offered online at the same price charged by the local store you selected to order from. These prices, including any associated promotions and specials available at your selected store are current on the date you place an order. Once your order is submitted, the price you pay does not change even if the price offered on the site changes, unless you edit and resubmit your order before it is picked.

There may also be promotions and offers exclusive to the The Bottle-O Online Shop website that are not available in your selected store. Where this is the case these offers will be applied to your order, but you will not be able to take advantage of them when shopping in store.

Each Store also sets their own in-store purchase prices and the purchase price shown on the Site may not be the same as the purchase price for the same product in-store. Metcash reserves the right to amend any pricing errors caused by human error, system error or other reasons. If such an error results in an increase in the price of your order, we will either attempt to contact you to confirm you wish to proceed with your order at the amended price or cancel your order.

Is there a minimum order value?

There may be a minimum order value for Home Delivery and/or Click & Collect orders. Minimum order values are set by individual The Bottle-O stores and therefore may differ from store to store. You’ll be notified during the checkout process if the minimum order value is not met.

I have already registered with thebottle-o. Do I need to register again?

Yes, you will need to register again to access the new and improved The Bottle-O Online Shop.

What should I expect after placing an order?

You will receive an Order Confirmation email confirming your order details including your selected delivery day and time slot, a list of the items ordered with pricing and your estimated total order value.

The store will pick your order ready for collection or delivery on the day you selected. Once picking is complete, your chosen payment method will be charged for the final amount of all the items picked, along with any adjustments for substitutions. We will then send you a confirmation email to let you know your order is ready for collection or delivery and this will include a list of the items picked and any items out of stock.

You will then receive a final invoice email with an itemised receipt of everything you have been charged for.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. You can choose your preferred payment method during checkout.

Will you charge any merchant fees if I pay by Credit Card, etc?

No, there are no merchant fees charged for any of the accepted payment methods.

Can I save my preferred payment method on the website?

Yes. Preferred payment methods and credit/debit card details can be saved against your account to enable easier checkout for future orders.

When will my credit card be charged?

For some payment methods, we may pre-authorise the value shown at checkout when you submit your order. We will not charge your payment method until your store has picked the order and adjusted the final cost for any items that are substituted, items that cannot be provided (if for example the store is out of stock).

Can I change my delivery method?

Yes. You are able to update the delivery method for your order until the order is ready for picking instore.

To change the Delivery method in your order, simply log into 'My Account,' go to 'My Orders' and select the order you wish to change. Then go back through Checkout and insert your new Delivery method.

Please note you may lose your original delivery/ pickup timeslot, and any Specials that were available in your original order. If you'd prefer to keep your original order, please don't go through 'Checkout' again, and cancel your 'Change my order' session.

Can I have my order delivered?

You can have your order delivered if there is a local The Bottle-O store delivering to your address. When you choose Home Delivery as your shopping option, you will be asked to enter a postcode or select an address from your saved addresses if you have any. Where available, you will then be shown a list of stores which are able to deliver to your selected address and you can choose the local The Bottle-O store you.

Can I collect my order?

You can place an order for collection from any The Bottle-O store offering a Click & Collect service. To see which stores you can place an order with for Click & Collect, select this as your shopping option and enter a city, suburb or postcode where you would like to collect from. Where available, you will then be shown a list of stores nearby which offer the Click & Collect service and you can then choose the The Bottle-O store you wish to place your order with.

Can I change my delivery address?

If you change your delivery address and it is outside the delivery zone of your earlier selected local store, you will need to select a different local store for the new delivery address, if there is a store available to deliver to the new address.

Please note product prices and specials will be updated to reflect the new store’s price or products removed from cart if these products are not available in your newly selected local store.

What if I have special delivery instructions for my order?

You can add notes against specific items as well as adding a final note against your order for your selected store during the final checkout stage. Where possible we will always aim to follow all special instructions for your delivery.

What time do you accept orders and deliveries?

Deliveries and pickup hours are dependent on the store’s operating hours. You can place order on the The Bottle-O Online Shop website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I add or remove items after my order is placed?

Yes. You will be able to add to or remove items from your order until your local The Bottle-O begins to pick your order.

Your order value may change when you add to or remove items from your shopping cart and your order will be resubmitted. Please note, when you re-submit an order in this way, the price of the items in your cart will be updated to reflect the pricing on the site at that time, including any specials that may no longer be available.

If you updated and resubmit your order you will receive an Order Modification email confirming your updated order details including your selected delivery day and time slot, and a list of the items ordered with pricing and your estimated total order value.

Can I cancel my order after order is placed?

Yes, you will be able to cancel your order via the The Bottle-O Online Shop website until your The Bottle-O store starts to pick your order.

An email will be sent to you with confirmation of the cancellation of your order. If a preauthorisation was placed against your chosen payment method this will be reversed within 5 business days.

Will there be any charges if I cancel my order after it has been placed?

You have the flexibility to cancel your order without any charges up until it's prepared in-store for pickup or delivery. However, if you decide to cancel your order after this point, kindly reach out to the retailer where you made your purchase. Please be aware that there may be a cancellation fee and you could incur costs related to returning the order to the store.

Where’s my order?

If your order is more than 2 hours late and you haven’t received any email or text alerts, please call the retailer of which you made your purchase.

What happens if I’m not home to receive my order?

Your The Bottle-O store or their delivery partner will call or text to notify you when they have arrived to deliver your order. If they are unable to contact you to arrange handover of your order, the order will be returned to your selected The Bottle-O store.

Orders will not be left unattended under any circumstances.

Orders which cannot be delivered within the agreed delivery window because the delivery address is unattended will be refunded to you less the fees and charges associated with returning the order to the store.

Can you deliver if I am not at home?

No. Your store will not be able to leave your order unattended under any circumstances. There must be a person available to take delivery.

What forms of ID am I required to show?

The person receiving the delivery will be required to show valid forms of Identification and proof of age, for example, a valid driver's licence.

Can I ship my order to an international location?

Currently we are only able to accept online orders for addresses within Australia.

I have a damaged, missing, or expired product in my order. What should I do?

If a product from your order is missing, damaged, or expired, please check the final invoice to confirm you were charged for the product. Out of stock products which you have not been charged for are listed at the bottom of the invoice at a zero cost.

If you were charged for a missing, damaged, or expired item, please contact us via Customer Support with your order number and details of the item. A member of our team will be happy to help.