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Know your footy fan. A spotters guide.

Know your footy fan. A spotters guide.

Like the weird and wonderful creatures in a nature docco, footy fans come in a variety of stripes, spots and colours. Each fan lives by a unique code only they understand. And they have a distinct and specific way of showing their support for their beloved team, however extreme.

The one thing these types share is the love of footy with a well-matched tasty beverage while watching the game. So here’s our guide to a few species of fan we’ve identified in the wild to help make sure you’ve got the right drinks stocked for the match.

The Screamer

There’s always one at every get-together, and there’s no mistaking the enthusiasm. The excitement is all too much and this fan can’t keep it in. Even in the quietest moments of a game they’re giving their absolute all, vocally. 

Such a demonstrative fan tends to enjoy something equally as lively, and there’s nothing like Bundy Rum and Cola to keep the vocal chords at max volume.

The Fair Weather Fan

Put simply, this fan is going for the team that’s gonna win! The love of winning proving stronger than any loyalty, the Fair-Weather Fan usually has the colours of two or three teams handy, should the game take a turn in direction. Ready to mime any team victory song, any time.

Preferring to have a wide choice on hand, and something unexpected and refined like a fruity Sauv Blanc from the Hardy’s Regional Range is a great way to get things started.

The Eternal Optimist

Even though their team is as good as dead and buried, this fan won’t be turning the TV off to go mow the lawn. No way! They’re staying till the bitter end, cos you just never know! Some of the greatest turn arounds in footy history have happened at the whistle. Who’d want to miss that?

Prefers a mid weight beer for the long haul with lasting flavour, like a XXXX Gold to make the journey, and a great way to celebrate a last-second victory.

The DNA Fan

This die-hard fan has been supporting their team since before they were born. They can trace their support back five generations. In fact, they been barracking for their team for so long, they were called something else. 

The original fan needs a drink that never wavers. Nothing says tradition quite like stubble of the original big, cold beer, VB. Often paired with a classic box of Cheezles.

The Bandwagon-er

This enthusiast sees everyone else loving the game, and are keen to get on-board. Doesn’t matter that they they’re not sure what its all about, but it’s a great opportunity for selfies, Instagram and Facebook updates.

Such instantaneous support deserves a beverage that’s ready to go. Jim Beam & Cola cans fit the bill, perfectly.

The Nervous Nelly

So emotionally invested in their team, this fan can barley watch the game. Feeling the highest of highs and lowest of lows so intensely, they usually cover their eyes or walk out of the room when the going gets tough. 

The perfect drink is one that says everything is gonna be ok. The smooth and assured hand of Jim Beam to the rescue.


How ever you enjoy your footy, check our specials page for some great deals and get set for a season full of drama, action and perfectly paired drinks from The Bottle-O. Cheers!