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A Guide to Christmas Gifting for Your Crazy Family

A Guide to Christmas Gifting for Your Crazy Family

It’s that time of year again—heaps of summer BBQs, office parties, and, of course, another legendary gathering of your awesome fambam. The problem is, knowing what to buy these crazy people is never a simple task. That said, if there’s one surefire way to keep smiles on faces come Christmas Day, it’s with well chosen bottles of their favourite drinks.

So, while Grandma’s busy unwrapping yet another bar of scented hand soap from your bro, and your sister hands your Dad another box of mediocre golf balls, your inspired and thoughtfully chosen prezzies will make you the toast of the Christmas dinner table.

The World’s Best Mum

We know. We shouldn’t wait until Christmas to celebrate how amazing Mum is, but when we get caught up in our daily routines it’s easy to forget to tell this wonder woman how much you appreciate everything she does.

Make her feel a bit special this Christmas with a bottle of Champers. Try the suitably named Mumm Cordon Rouge NV, a seriously sparkling wine from the cellars of La Maison Mumm in Reims, the heart of France’s Champagne region.

The Superstar Sis

If your sister doubles as your BFF, we’ve got you sorted. Your ‘partner in crime’ is the go-to when you want to get the party started. She’s got style, she’s got class, and you’re proud to call her your sis.

For a Christmas gift, you’ll need something to match her sparkling personality. How about a little bubbly? We recommend Yellowglen Yellow, an easy to drink, flavorful Brut Cuvée.

Tip: save the paper and just pop a bow on the bottle—the packaging is fancy enough as it is.

The Globetrotting Bro

When Christmas planning time rolls around, he’s the one who’s always got a big question mark next to his name. Whether he’s weighing up a beach holiday in Thailand or a festive Eurotrip, you’re never quite sure if you’ll see their cheeky chops come Christmas.

What they need is a gift to remind them that ‘Straya has plenty to offer, too. Consider a drink of quality and character that’s made right here. A bottle of Bundaberg Select VAT might just do the job. It’s a rum which has been aged for six years, with some of that time spent in VATs hand picked for their distinctive qualities, giving the rum a richer and more balanced flavour.

The Crazy Uncle

We’ve all got one. He’s like the family mascot—endlessly entertaining, a bit of a dag, and loved by everyone. You’ll normally find him shamelessly rocking the singlet and, when it’s time for a drink, he’ll instinctively reach for the stubbies.

So, don’t let the man down this Christmas. A case of something like Crown Lager is all you’ll need to keep this hero happy. Bonus points if they’re still cold when he unwraps them.

The Lovable BILs & SILs

The brothers and sisters in law are always welcome additions to any family gathering—especially at Christmas time, when it’s a case of ‘the more the merrier’.

We often don’t know their tastes as well as our own kin, so better to play it safe. You’ll be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a tasty red wine. Try something like McGuigan Black Label Red, which is an easy drinking red that goes with heaps of different food (especially BBQs).

The Yarn Spinning Grandparents

Sharing your Christmas with the grandparents is a privilege often taken for granted. We love the fact you can start them talking about times gone by or their take on this fangled modern world and they’ll happily hold court ‘till the cows come home.

If they’re anything like the norm, they’ll never let a drop of wine go unsipped. Keep them spoilt for choice this Christmas with a selection of Jacob’s Creek wines. We reckon a Shiraz, Chardonnay and Le Petit Rosé should be enough to keep them topped up for the holidays.

Still struggling? No worries—we know no two families are alike. To get a personal touch when picking your family’s gifts, drop by your your local The Bottle-O and ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, who’ll be more than happy to help. For some quick inspiration, we’ve also got heaps of specials in our new Christmas catalogue over at our Specials page.

Happy Christmas from all of The Bottle-O team.