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Discover Taylors Wines from the Clare Valley

Discover Taylors Wines from the Clare Valley

With the first planting of vines in 1969, the Taylor family set out to establish their own winery estate in the Clare Valley, one of South Australia’s premier wine growing regions.

The picturesque Clare Valley's winemaking history spans more than 150 years, making it one of Australia's oldest wine-producing regions. It has also been described as one of the prettiest in Australia with rolling hills and sweeping gullies. The unique combination of geography, geology and climate results in terroir that is perfect for producing world-class wine.

Today, after fifty years in business, spanning three generations, Taylors Wines is known around the world for crafting powerfully elegant wines of regional distinction and character.


History in the making: Taylors Estate Label Wines

When the Taylor family established their wine business back in 1969, they decided to create a proper 'old world' style estate in the Clare Valley. That's where the name 'Taylors Estate Label' comes from. The Taylors Estate Label Cabernet Sauvignon and Taylors Estate Label Shiraz were the very first wines released and are the heart and soul of the winery.

The handcrafted wines from Europe inspired Bill Taylor Snr with a vision to create his own wines that could rival those great producers of Bordeaux. This was an exceptionally courageous decision, which was also regarded as folly at the time.  After all, back in the 1960s Australia was not regarded as the winemaking country it is today.

Bill Taylor Senior’s courageous first step eventuated in great success, with the first wine produced by the family –the 1973 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon – collecting the Montgomery Trophy for Best Red Wine of the Show at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show.

Since then, Taylors have consistently won awards around the world for the quality of their wines for almost half a century.

Winemaking Philosophy

The Taylors winemaking philosophy is built on the idea of “respecting the fruit” meaning, quite simply, that the essence of great wine comes from great fruit and how it is handled. To achieve this, every decision the family makes – from the planting of the vineyards, to the viticulture practices they employ, harvesting, crafting and barrel selection to ideal storage and even how the wine is served – is underpinned by this philosophy.

Their commitment to the pursuit of this ideal has won recognition on the world stage. In 2017 Taylors Wines was announced as The World’s Most Awarded Winery by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists (WAWWJ) in a global ranking of more than 50,000 producers. 

Growing for the future 

In the early days of Taylors’ history, whilst digging the first dam on the property, the Taylor family unearthed tiny fossilised seahorses. This extraordinary discovery confirmed their belief in the promise of the land and its rich, fertile soils ideal for crafting world class wines. These ancient soils once lay at the bottom of an ocean over 600 million years prior. 

The iconic three seahorse emblem has been a main feature on the label since 1969 - standing proudly as a symbol of excellence and saluting the three generations of Taylor family winemakers.

As custodians of the land, their ethos is embedded in sustainability. Ensuring the land on which the family has built their estate name is maintained is pivotal for the future, and will ensure that the next generation can be proud to continue the Taylor’s legacy when their time comes.