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The Bottle-O Knows…Summer Parties

The Bottle-O Knows…Summer Parties

With 2018 officially underway our summertime fun is only just warming up. Whether you’re easing back into work or still enjoying your holidays with family and catching up with friends, there’s still plenty of occasions sparkling on the calendar. We thought it timely to share some of our go-to recipes for a successful summer soiree. Mix and match as you like to make the perfect drinks list for a summer BBQ, watching your favourite summer sports, or whatever your shindig. 

Shopping List:

⃞   Great Northern Super Crisp Lager

Created with that outdoor lifestyle in mind, this beer was created for an Aussie summer.


⃞   XXXX Gold

An Australian lager that has become a symbol of summer and an excellent choice for those long lunches or backyard cricket games.


⃞   Pure Blonde Crisp Cider

For those who prefer something sweeter, but still refreshing. With 60% less carbs, it’s the perfect party pairing.


⃞   Corona

A cool classic that suits any palate. A wedge of lime and you’re set. 


⃞   Yellowglen Yellow

Grab a bottle of sparkling wine and bring the party with you. Perfect for those events you foresee ending up on the dance floor.


⃞   Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc

This elegant wine to pair with those more sophisticated events. It suits a range of cuisines so would go down well with any dinner parties you’re planning this summer.


⃞   Pepperjack Shiraz

A rich red full of berry and chocolate flavours that will be sure to compliment your BBQ’d snags.


⃞   Gin Fizz, Mojito-style

60ml Bombay Sapphire gin

30ml fresh lime juice

10ml sugar syrup

Six mint leaves



⃞   Summer Shandy

1.25L chilled lemon lime and bitters

3 x 330ml chilled James Square 150 Lashes low carb beer


⃞   180ml Baron Samedi Rum

Orange slices to serve 


⃞   Bucks Fizz

Two parts Yellowglen Yellow

One part orange juice


⃞   Harvey Wallbanger

30 ml SKYY Vodka

150ml orange juice

15ml Sambuca 


⃞   Martini

10ml chilled dry vermouth

50ml Bombay Sapphire gin from the freezer

Add ice, and stir to blend. Double strain, garnish with a cocktail onion and sip in style!


⃞   Classic Gin & Tonic

60ml Bombay Sapphire gin

90ml tonic

Serve over ice with a wedge of lime and cucumber. An expert tip for making the best G&T is to match to quality of tonic to the quality of gin.


At Bottle-O, we have a bottle for every occasion. Celebrate with us this new year, and beyond!